Question: Can we be a little color blind?

Here I Go

I debated whether or not I should post this. But with all of the world's talk on race, I feel like this should be published (though no one will probably read this).

All Lives Matter

We've all seen the Black Lives Matter movement. Sometimes it's been impossible to avoid. Especially when you hear them protesting at your popular university and hearing of stories of them storming into classes and screaming at students during their midterm exams.

But please don't get it twisted. I'm not here to bash their overall message–black lives matter. In fact, all lives matter.

The Flawed Comic

I've seen this picture posted on Twitter on several occassions.

The flaw lies in the comic's overall message.

Yes. We should care about every person (or every house) equally.

Now, if you have two houses in front of you and one is on fire, which house do you use your fire hose on? Cleary the house on fire.


I feel like people are misinterpreting the message of "all lives matter."

It's not supposed to be a criticism of other "_ Lives Matter" movements. It's a statement that we should see each other as equals. And all of our lives matter.

And when there are emergencies, we need to prioritize our resources. That's just the reality of life. If we had unlimited resources, things would be better.

Color Blindness

I've heard several adults over the course of my life mention the idea of being color blind.

And that's not literally being color blind. It means that we should see each other as the same, regardless of our skin color. And this can be extended beyond race to religion, wealth, etc.

Logic's VMA Speech

I was watching the VMAs earlier this week and was surprised of what Logic (the rapper) says at the end of his "1-800-273-8255" performance.

Christina's Leaked Demo—"Colorblind"

Christina Grimmie wrote a song 3 years ago called "Colorblind" that never was fully released. Please keep in mind that this a demo.

This song captures the essence of what I've been trying to express. I'll leave you with a statement and a question from the song:

"We all matter in this life \ Red and yellow black and white \ Can we just step in the light \ And be a little color blind?" - C.G.