Looking Back

It's been a good 8 years.

Posted by Fisheater on March 24, 2017

February 2, 2009

This was the first day that I played Garry's Mod. I remember joining a random server that was on a train map. I believe it was a NoXiousNet server.

As a newcomer, I really didn't know what to expect. The only thing that I remember vividly was watching a bunch of players falling down a flight of stairs.

Sandbox: My First Creation

Like most others (at least years ago), the first gamemode that I played was Sandbox. When I first began playing, I liked to build planes. Yes.. planes. How?

The method was this: Take two trains, no-collide them, and then weld them together. I would then put a shitload of thrusters on the back of it, and also on the bottom. I would also place a vehicle pod at the front to sit, and a camera at the rear so I could see.

Of course, like most of my other creations, my "planes" didn't work very well. Let's just say that if you need an engineer to design aircrafts that lift in a virtual sandbox game, call someone else. Lol.

Container Bases, Elevators, and Rollercoasters

If my task was to make a base in Garry's Mod, I would immediately try to make one with red cargo containers. This was pretty much was my go-to prop. The containers made up the sides of the base. For the roof and flooring, I used those big, white PHX squares. For the entrance, I would use the Door Stool with a keypad. As for the interior, I would leave it empty. If you know me, this should be no surprise.

Sometimes I would create multilevel container bases. With this, I needed a method to get from one unfurinished floor to another. I could have used stairs, but that felt boring. Instead, I decided to experiment with hydraulics and other tools. Most of my initial elevators were failures. However, after learning WireMod (especially Expression 1) through YouTube tutorials, I wasn't half bad at creating elevators.

Rollercoasters were one of my most favorite things to make in Sandbox. Early on, I would use the actual PHX rollercoaster track props. While this gave a more authentic feel of a rollercoaster, it wasn't really that fun to easy-weld 1000 props together. So I eventually turned to using PHX monorails, which were much easier to work with. Obviously, I would then attach a "car" to the track so people could sit and enjoy the ride.

However, everytime I would make a rollercoaster with monorails, I would usually get banned from the server. The staff claimed that "big props cause big lag," which was hilarious. The server wasn't lagging because of my 30 monorails. The server was lagging because it was hosted on Xenon Servers.

Tyler, BallasticDevil, Metroid

I pretty much made a lot of friends when I began playing GMod. One of them was Tyler, who pretty much created container bases with me. One day, he just dropped off the face of Steam.

Another friend I met was BallasticDevil. I remember we would play frisbee with the gravity gun and a PHX ball in Sandbox. We would later met Metroid. Metroid was cool and all, and he exposed me to some of my favorite maps to this day: gm_bigcity, gm_atomic, gm_mobenix_v3. He also exposed me to hoverboards (still one of my favorite mods).

We soon developed a friend group of like 5 or so. The rest is pretty fuzzy. There was an apparent problem with me playing on other servers other than Metroid's local Sandbox server. I believe there was also some internal tension in the group. Till this day, I still don't really know the reason why I was forced out of the group. Perhaps, I was just annoying.

Hamachi & Nomical

I was soon inspired to start my own GMod server. I didn't really know how. After some thought, I figured that it would be best to use a free method since I had no money.

I first tried proXPN, but that resulted in 200 ping across the board--I needed a better solution.

The other alternative was to use Hamachi. I remember setting up my Hamachi network, and then pasting my Hamachi's information in the comment sections of many YouTube videos. I was successful in getting a decent number of players on my Sandbox server.

One of those players was Nomical. I don't remember much, but I do remember making these huge slides and using voice changers. Even after my Hamachi server ended, we would join shitty DarkRP servers and raise some Hell (with the help of cheats and props, of course). More on Nomical later.

PropKilling, Cheats, DarkRP, & Drake

I'm going to make a fast sprint through this time period: I learned how to propkill with Falco Scripts (thanks Drake), cheat with scripts like HelixScripts (thanks again Drake, I won't tell Helix), and how to prop push myself into bases.

I won't lie--these new "tools" made Garry's Mod much more enjoyable. I remember playing a lot of DarkRP on rp_downtown_v2 with someone I met: Drake. He pretty much showed me the ropes.

We would play DarkRP our way: pushing ourselves into bases to get peoples' belongings, propkilling people, aimbotting them, etc. Pretty much similar to what Nomical and I did (like in the video above), but on a massive scale. This was probably one of the most memorable times of my GMod career.

The Dawn of Fisheater's Roleplay

I was getting pretty bored of Garry's Mod by the latter half of 2010. This might sound really cheesy to some of you, but it was one of my dreams to have my own dedicated server. So one day in mid-August, I decided to bite the bullet and rent a server with 12 slots.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to create a DarkRP running one of the best RP maps available: rp_evocity_v2d.

If you've never played on this map, then stop reading this and go check it out right now (and be sure to check out the cave). Hands down one of the best.

Surprisingly, the server become popular relatively quick. I'm not sure why or how it gained such a traction. And as strange as it may sound, I don't remember coding much for the server besides a car dealer and printers.

Roleplay, CleoFox, & The Aimbot

All of my memories of the early FERP are combined into one big ball of nostalgia. I'll just share a few memorable moments.

There were four things that I mostly did on the early FERP: The first was moderate the server; the second was basing and money printing; the third was raiding peoples' bases; and the fourth one was hacking.

Moderating the server was relatively easy since there were only so many slots. This made micromanaging the server much easier. I did promote people to staff. One staff member was named Watermelon. He was pretty cool, but at the very end of the server, he turned into a serpent. As another mod was named Roy.

I liked Roy because he was chill. And I mean hella chill. He was probably the most mature out of all the players on the server (his voice attested to this), and he was also very good at WireMod.

I would usually base with Roy and others. We would make a base up in the rafters in one of the industrial buildings. It was impossible to raid us unless you either had cheats or you were the world's best base raider.

Basing was one thing. Raiding was a completely different animal. You needed weapons. You needed ammo. CleoFox had us covered.

There was this one player named CleoFox who played on the server a lot. He was pretty much the Gun Dealer. If you needed a gun, he had it.

I don't remember this directly, but apparently one time we bought supplies from his gun shop just to return 10 minutes later to raid him. Genius.

Now, back to that last requirement for raiding bases: skill. As you could probably guess, I had none (and still to this day). So like most people, I resorted to using cheats, scripts, hacks--whatever you want to call them. To be fair, I kind of needed them anyways to help me moderate the server (such as using ESP to locate players, etc).

Furthermore, I loved to show off my aimbot to my fellow server patrons. And when I mean show off, I mean literally aimbotting the people who played on my server. Probably not the best move as a server owner, but hey, baby steps.

CleoFox especially seemed ecstatic about my cheats. He begged for them, and I finally gave in. What did I have to lose anyways? And I'm glad that I did because if I didn't, I'm not sure if we would still know each other or if the FERP that you all know and love would have ever come into play.

The server eventually came to a halt for a multitude of reasons. To keep in short, there was a staff reset. People *cough* like Watermelon *cough* were complaining and everything seemed to hit the fan. So I decided to pull the cord.

The Next Step

With the termination of the server, I really had nothing else to do in GMod. I knew WireMod pretty well, and especially Expression 2 (E2).

I built some pretty cool stuff in E2 over the past couple years. My favorite would definitely be my 2x2x2 Rubik's Cube hologram.

I knew the next step was to learn GMod Lua, or GLua, in-depth. I already learned a bit from the early FERP, but not enough to make some really cool content.

Sunday Morning

Around this transitory time, I remember this one Sunday morning. Nomical and I decided to make an aimbot. We were having a rough time. Things weren't going our way. And once we finally got something working, it was the most unoptimized aimbot on this planet. We were left with the world's worst aimbot and homework to complete. I hated that day so much, but it was worth it for the memory.

Memorable Scripts

This timeline wouldn't be complete without talking about the scripts we made.

I made NeonHack. It was pretty much a combination of many hacks combined into one. It had many features, such as an aimbot, ESP, no recoil, no spread, bunny hop, etc. It also had a pretty cool GUI interface. I did make other cheats, but this one stands out the most.

Nomical also made cheats: InkBot, Isis, etc. The bottom line is that there were many iterations of them with different names.

And while I'm still discussing cheats, I just want to make reference to Bacon Bot v3. This was one of the most pivotal hacks ever created for Garry's Mod. Everything about this cheat--from its GUI, to its ESP, to its OP aimbot--was flawless. Very. well. done.

One of the most memorable projects that I've worked on with Nomical was a pathfinding algorithm. I tried my best to learn popular ones, such as A*, but it was pretty challenging for me. Though, that's not to say that I didn't get anything working.

Maze AI test.
Coding in the traitor room. The green dots are nodes of the pathfinding graph.

The purpose of developing a pathfinding algorithm was so we could use it in Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT). It was going to be a self-defense bot. He got it to the point where it could walk around the map (for the most part) and kill assailants. I'm pretty sure we implemented logic so that it would also work with our traitor detector so we don't automatically get karma banned, or permanently banned by a staff member for RDM.

We also made a 360 propkilling script for TTT. All you had to do was equip the magneto-stick, pick up a prop (preferably a brick or chair), stand in front of them with the prop, and then press the magic bind. You know the rest.

If you're still reading this, then you've probably already seen my propkilling video. It's definitely worth a rewatch, though.

And I can't forget the C4 script. As most of you know, in TTT, traitors can buy special items or weapons with credits. One item that traitors can buy is a C4 bomb. Once planted, the bomb will go off within a specified number of seconds (45 is the default). To defuse the bomb, a player has to cut the correct wire. Now, there's no skill behind it. You pretty much pick a wire at random and hope for the best.

I thought it would be cool to make a script that automatically defused a C4 without the risk of getting blown up.

Now, here's my logic: why not cut all of the wires at once? If cutting one of the wires defuses the bomb, then the bomb should get defused. Of course, if I told this to an average person, they would have probably laughed and called me an idiot. However, sure enough, it worked.

And it didn't just stop there. If you were far enough from the C4, attempting to defuse it would make it detonate. And the best part was that it never affected our karma because we didn't damage players... the bomb did.

We (Cleo, Nautical, I, and others) had a "blast" using this script. And I like how Seth implemented a similar feature into SethHack shortly after. The best part was that his version could only denotate (and not defuse). I had both.

Fisheater's Roleplay

I was convinced by CleoFox and others to restart FERP. I didn't really want to, but I was getting bored again, so I said why not.

This one guy named SodaPop initially bought the server. It was like a co-ownership kind of thing between me and him. Also, the server was originally called "All-Around-Gaming," or AAG for short.

If I recall correctly, we hosted TTT for the first month or so. We soon shifted to DarkRP because no one was really playing.

For DarkRP, I coded almost all of the custom content for the server. The server was doing pretty well--people were joining and having fun.

On one magical day, SodaPop decided to close the server. He gave me no warning. And it was weird because he seemed to just drop off of the face of the earth. Luckily, I was able to regain access to the control panel and take full control over the server. I then decided to change the name and give CleoFox co-ownership.

A Sprint Through the Server

A lot happened between 2013-2017 in regards to Fisheater's Roleplay. I don't have time to go through every moment, so I'll just address a few things. If you've made it this far, you can probably fill in the rest.

The server primarily ran on the rp_downtown_v4c maps. These weren't my favorite, but they got players. We did experiment a little bit with different maps, and that went relatively well.

As for the content, I tried my hardest to make things interesting. It seemed like I was always working on something new for the server. I especially enjoyed making the money printers, F4 menu, HUD, scoreboard, Checkers system, hit system, and the inventory system. And thanks to Nomical for helping me out and creating some of the content.

(As a small aside, I thought it was hilarious that this one guy named Anarchy literally copied my server. And I'm not misusing the word "literally" either. He stole my code, such as my scoreboard and HUD, and put it on his server. It was called HooplaRP, and it became relatively popular. But, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," so I'll take it.)

And it was enjoyable to meet new people that I still talk to till this day: such as Mezi, AllFourAces, WolfFang, and Canadian.

Now, I recognize that the server was not perfect. There were lots of problems surrounding Custom Classes, OPness of weapons, RDM, RDA, etc. I tried my best to balance things out. It was just a difficult task. Luckily, we had some good staff members, so hopefully that eased the pain.

The server started going downhill near the end of 2016. I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe the server was just getting boring. I decided to put the server on Nomical's custom DayZ gamemode for the last month. The server officially closed on February 10, 2017.

Regardless, I just want to say that I never expected such a response to the server. And I'm just grateful that I was able to share my content with hundreds to thousands of people who enjoyed it.

And just to think that all of this cost $10. Almost priceless.


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